Beauty Part

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Beauty Part



  • ㆍRated voltage and frequency : AC 220V / 69Hz
  • ㆍRated output : DC1 2V 10A
  • ㆍWeight : 6kg
  • ㆍSize : W 420mm/ D 249mm/ H 162mm
  • ㆍConsumption power : 180W
  • ㆍUltrasonic output frequency : 4kHz ±10%
  • ㆍRated voltage and frequency : AC 110~220V / 60Hz
  • ㆍOutput : 70ms Less than
  • ㆍOutput : Cryo 15V, Auto MTS, Scrubber 29khz~32khz, Hifu
  • ㆍWeight : 6kg
  • ㆍSize : W 420mm/ D 249mm/ H 162mm

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

Intensive ultrasonic energy is concentrated into one focus,
stimulating the inside of the skin, and it can improve wrinkels,
colalgen product oinand lifting effects without surgery.



  • ㆍRated voltage and frequency : DC 24V
  • ㆍFlow Rate : 20Lpm
  • ㆍMaximum pressure : 650mmHgz
  • ㆍWeight : 6kg
  • ㆍSize : W 420mm/D 249mm/H 162mm


  • Moisture control
  • Specimen manage mert
  • Keratogenesis
  • Elasticity of skin
  • Prevaegnitniogn of aning

Portable Ultrasound Handle


  • ㆍPower input : 3.7V / 1,200mA Lithium polymer battery
  • ㆍCharging adapter : 5V / 1A
  • ㆍConsumption current : Average 300mA
  • ㆍCharging current : 250mA
  • ㆍCharging time : 4~5time
  • ㆍTransducer Power : 1Mhz
  • ㆍIon output : First stage - 251Hz / Second stage - 335Hz
  • ㆍOne-action time : Ten minutes
Ultrasonic vibrator uses minute vibration of
1Mhz per second (1Mhz per second) to
remove wastes through skin massage,
pore cleaning and lymphatic stimulation.
By making fine muscle movements and
repeating muscle tension and relaxation,
helps you to relieve pain when you use it for pain.
It is easy to carry with rechargeable adapter,
so it is easy to use anytime and anywhere.

Auto MTS

Auto MTS, which automatically injects active
ingredients such as cosmetics by piercing the fine
holes of the skin through the needles, maximizes the
absorption rate than the conventional application
method. Auto MTS does not have any side effects
than conventional MTS and automatically inserts
active ingredients such as cosmetics through the fine
holes of the skin using needles.
  • 1

    Automatic absorption of active
    ingredients (cosmetics, etc.)
    - It passes through the epidermis
    and stratum corneum and reaches
    to the dermis layer, which induces
    skin regeneration and hair
    regeneration in a short time.
  • 2

    Can be combined with various
    active ingredients
    - Wrinkles / elasticity / pore /
    whitening / scalp management and
    various solutions can be used.
  • 3

    Infusion rate setting possible
    - With injection rate control of
    3,500~ 8,000 rpm, it can be injected
    step by step according to skin type
    and injection site.


  • 1. Convenient and effective penetration S of active ingredient easily.
  • 2. Reasonable cost value ratio M price.
  • 3. Effective skin regeneration Twenty-five needles stimulate the skin
    to help build collagen in the skin.
  • 4. Various Amplifier Compatibility Compatible with 5 ~ 20ml
    standard vial ampoule, you can choose your desired ampoule.
  • 5. Hygienic procedure B safely.

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