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Nd:Yag laser is one of solid state laser using Nd:Yag (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) crystyal as its energy medium and it radiate through the wavelength of 1064nm and 532nm
Q switch is a technique to enable laser generate high energy pulse (mega watt) in an extremely short time(Nano second).
KTP is a nonlinear optical material which is commonly used for frequency doubling diode pumped solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG and other neodymium-doped lasers. Dual chamber of dual rod supports high speed and high power of Andy laser in compact size.


Laser Medium Nd:YAG Crystal
Wavelength 1064nm / 532nm
Operating Mode 1064nm / Andy toning (PTP) / 532nm / Long-Peel (FR)
Beam Profile JTS Top Mode
Pulse Energy Max. 1600mJ (1064nm)
Max. 1600mJ (Andy toning (PTP) )
Max. 500mJ (532nm)
Max. 2200mJ (Long-Peel (FR))
Pulse rate 1 ~ 15hz
Cooling System Closed cycle water to air heat exchanger
Pulse Width 5ns ~ 10ns (1064nm)
5ns ~ 10ns (Andy toning (PTP))
5ns ~ 10ns (532nm)
300us (Long-Peel (FR))
Spot size 2 ~ 10mm (Zoom handpiece)
7 x 7mm (81fractional pixel/Option)
(Fractional handpiece)
532 fractional pixel/Option)
(Fractional handpiece)
8mm (Collimated handpiece/Option)
Power Input 220 - 230VAC, 3KVA
Electrical Power 220V, Single phase, 60Hz
Dimensions 600mm X 850mm X 270mm [W*H*D]
Weight 65kg



  • - Micro Peeling
  • - Scar Correction
      (acne scars and various scars)
  • - Smoothing of facial wrinkle
      (Skin Texture & Skin Tone)
  • - Treat Epidermal Pigmentary Lesions
      (wart, sebomheic keratosis, and freckle etc.)
  • - Removal mole, syringoma, milium, skin tag
-Simple Power supply
The power supply has a simple design.
And a layout capable of maximizing the efficiency.
It is designed with stability first.

-High-precision, stable power supply
Designed with high precision,
Energy can be adjusted with precise values.

-Self-Testable Power Supply
Self-tests can be run internally. There is also the ability to
detect and recover from errors internally.

-High pulse repetition rate
This equipment provides a high pulse repetition rate.
The available pulse repetition rate is up to 15Hz,
It may give an advantage in the treatment of melasma.

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